Brain Waves/ Psychophysiology Stress Tests

Brain Waves/ QEEG

  Learning about our own brain waves' rhythm and flow can help us better understand our current behavior. For example, are you having problems performing your best? Maybe your frontal lobe (where we plan our day) is drowsy (Delta-Theta Hertz) or over-stimulated (High-Beta). Let Dr. Stetz help you!  

Organizational Consulting/ Individual Counseling

  As a former published Military Research Psychologist, Dr. Stetz knows the importance of asking the right questions to better help her clients. This not only helps her design the best Peak Performance plan for each client/ organization but it can also serve as self-discovery process. The more we know about ourselves, the more we can move forward!  

Neurofeedback/ Brain Training

  While serving our country as an enlisted and military officer, one of Dr. Stetz contributions to the existing literature was on stress management testing and training via virtual reality systems. By learning about our own brain waves' rhythm and flow, we can  better understand our behavior. For example, is our frontal brain lobe (where we plan our day) sleepy (Delta-Theta Hertz) or worried/ anxious (High-Beta).   

Biofeedback/ Body Reactivity Training

 Just as we an learn about our brain, we can  learn about our body! Dr. Stetz has some tools to help her clients better understand how they feel (e.g., stressed, overwhelmed). With this information, all her clients help how to modify it to re-gain self-control and empowerment! 

Audio-visual entrainment/ Cranio-electrical stimulation

  Dr. Stetz has a system in place to help her clients energize, meditate, brighten their brain, improve mood, and even sleep better.This is possible by stimulating the needed neurotrasnmitters (e.g., serotonin, dopamine) in our brains!  

Talks/ Training Workshops

 During her military career, Lieutenant Colonel (now retired) Stetz, briefed many commanders and generals on organizational psychology, industrial psychology, leadership effectiveness, stress, work overload, morale, satisfaction. Currently, she also teaches biofeedback and psychology at work at local univesities in Hawaii (and online for those abroad) and give talks and workshops to her executive clientele.  

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