From Tammy

Dr. Melba Stetz not only trains your mind.... but she works with the whole being.  The skills taught to you in conjunction with her biofeedback and neurofeedback training is not just empowering but life changing. 

From Gregory

Offering services in neurofeedback and biofeedback from the individual to the large corporation, Dr. Stetz is able to identify and treat psychological and neuropsychological difficulties in such a way that treatment can bring about very lasting results from an evidence based position using the most current techniques and technology. These, coupled with her sensitivity and empathy, serve to bring her clients, students, and colleagues to a place of lasting comfort and understanding.

From Susan

 Melba sayed my life.I had a tramatic brain injury and a servere sleep disorder.This will never go away.Her skill's and patience helped me train my brain to sleep,focus,and not be so hard on myself when i forget thing.She was a very cost effective Bio feedback Doctor that has trained me to work through my anxiety,post tramatic stress disorder.Im very grateful to have found Doctor Stetz.It is worth your time to have a consult with her.All we have is time,so use it wisely.Better BRAIN better life.

From El

 Passionate, compassionate, knowledgeable, and really tuned into her clients' well-being! Received my first neurofeedback assessment from Dr. Melba Stetz who made sure that I felt comfortable before starting the session. She took care to explain in non-technical terms what the testing would entail and provided helpful feedback throughout the session. I can see that neurofeedback therapy will be very helpful and I'm really glad I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Melba. :) 

From Glenn


Working with Dr. Stetz has been a wonderful and enlightening experience.  Her energy and applications are contagious, making you feel that solutions are within your grasps if one can think and apply the positive vibes that we all have.  Her simple but yet effective suggestions has opened the way I think and it allows me be to be more receptive to understanding a situation rather than being reactionary.  Dr. Stetz is truly good at what she does, very knowledgeable and also very sincere in wanting to help you. Check her out!


From Michelle


Dr Stetz has been working with my family for years. The brain training she does is so effective that the change in my two children is nothing short of amazing.  The neurofeedback (NFB)coupled with the counseling and also parenting tips reinforcing the training my daughters receive really has been the magic solution our family was looking for.  After years of talk therapy alone, I can see how much more effective neurofeedback training is and Dr Stetz is highly skilled in both NFB and psychology.  I cannot recommend Dr Stetz highly enough, She is a truly an asset to the field, a professional in every way and a Godsend to our family.  If you are wanting to make a change in your life, or your loved ones life, she can help.


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