Organizational Psychology

So what is Work Psychology?

Worksites are composed of people and machines with expected roles and timelines. Dr. Stetz is a licensed Industrial/ Organizational Psychologist who helps business owners and organizations Peak Perform!

Specifically, a licensed Organizational Psychologist like Dr. Melba Stetz "Studies and assesses the organizations workforce, management, culture, business objectives, and challenges using psychological principles and research methods. Designs and develops programs and tools that will be appropriate for the needs of the organization and which will assist employees and management to better achieve desired goals. Utilizes various methods including employee surveys, focus groups, skill assessments, performance appraisals, and other feedback mechanisms to assist management in identifying issues and driving improvements. Creates solutions and programs that may be focused on employee selection, job training, leadership training, workplace and family issues, and change management. Requires a master's degree of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Typically reports to a manager or head of a unit/department. A specialist on complex technical and business matters. Work is highly independent. May assume a team lead role for the work group. Typically requires 7+ years of related experience. "

Improve Work Peak's Performance

You probably spend most of  your Alpha/ Beta (awake/ focused) hours at a work site. That is great, as everyone should be doing the same. However, your workload, stress, and personal needs can make your job satisfaction (and your health) go down. Dr.Stetz will go to your worksite, to identify what needs to be addressed and help you and your group make it all better-- to peak perform again!

Improve Executives' Peak Performance

Executives also meet with Dr. Stetz at her office (or online/ phone) to discuss ways to feel better (e.g., more relaxed/ alpha waves) and peak perform again (Beta waves)! Her background as a former military leader and Research Psychologist helps understand and help many executives around the world.